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Your days at sea will never be the same

Il Circoletto

About us

Our experience for your relax

The sea, with everything that surrounds it is our great passion. Il Circoletto was born as a meeting point for lovers of the sea, and evolves slowly, becoming a seaside resort with the comfort and services of high quality. We work every day to make your days at sea unforgettable. Thanks to the large dining area, showers and toilets will not be a problem to spend an entire day at the beach.
You are a type who does not like to relax? Immerse yourself, or try the adrenaline-pumping activities of our partners.


We like to take care of you

Our services







Available to all of our guests in the open there are four showers and three jets for feet baths. There are also two other showers to cloudy.

The large deck area can satisfy any desire for relaxation, each umbrella is equipped with two sun loungers and a convenient shelf for small items.

The restaurant is one of our strengths. Fresh food prepared with care, with ice soft drinks to relieve you.



sport & fun


Our rescue service constantly monitors the stretch of water in front of the plant ensuring its safety.

Our factory is equipped with toilet with igenic system for women and for men. There is also a toilet for the disabled with easy access for wheelchair users, thanks to the runway which is fitted to the plant.

Thanks to our partnership with Water Experience and Dive Pros, the beach fun is guaranteed. Find out more.



The powerful wi-fi available to our swimmers will ensure stable connections and fast to keep under control your work from the comfort of your lounger.


Disconnect the plug to go to the sea is a common desire; the sound of the sea, the smell of the sand heated by the sun... are small pleasures, and it takes so little to satisfy them.

For this it is very important to find the right place to spend our days. Thanks to our experience we work every day so that you could have fun but also relax. Turn off the thoughts and let yourself be pampered!


“Then meet you will be the beautiful beaches of the Trinacria island, where he feeds the flock of the Sol, he feeds the herd.”


More than a beach...

Our structure

Our establishment is ready to welcome you, the dining area offers cool drinks and ice creams throughout the day. In addition, you have the possibility to have breakfast, lunch or enjoy a light dinner at sunset. The property is also equipped with spacious toilet and comfortable shower. All the points of the plant (even the sea) are accessible for wheelchair users thanks to the walkways that connect them.
We believe in respect for nature, and for this we are committed to keep the sea and the beach is cleaned by the separate collection of waste. We believe so much in the sport and for this we have forged a partnership to keep you entertained!

What are you waiting for? Come visit us!



What they say about us





The top ..... relaxation and fun , the right place to spend the summer full of fun with family and friends.

Splendid property. The staff and the owners very kind. What more could you want.




I liked it a lot!
Beautiful place and very friendly and attentive staff.
I can't wait to go back!

Beautiful Location for those who love crystal clear sea and white sand.
Staff very professional and friendly.
Highly recommended!

Keep in touch

contacts & information

Lungomare Fata Morgana, Mazara del Vallo (TP), Sicily


+39 347 211 55 15


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